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Fashion and Beauty – Nothing makes Reese happier than a day at the mall. Even if we don’t end up buying anything just going and trying on a few cute outfits is enough to make her day. If you have a tween or teen whos all about fashion, you’ll want to read these posts about tween fashion trends.

20 Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

If you don’t have the time, funds or skills to make your child an elaborate Halloween costume – that’s 100% okay. Here are some options for adorable costumes that will make your kid feel like the coolest kid in school. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Peacock Costume  

Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will LoveMix up the dark and scary Halloween with this colorful peacock costume. This dress is perfect for twirling your way through trick or treat. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Cowboy Costume

This Cowboy costume comes with all the essentials. Wear over jeans and a shirt for a complete look that can be worn again as they grow. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Little Mermaid Costume

This sequin dress and matching seashell headband are perfect for your water-loving princess. Be creative and add a fork or other treasures the little Mermaid finds on her adventures. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

T Rex Costume

Most children are fascinated by dinosaurs. This costume allows your child to live the dream of being big! This costume is the go to look for your biggest Jurassic Park fan. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Cow Onesie

Your little milk lover will melt your heart in this cow onesie. Bonus point for how warm and comfortable it is. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Princess Dress

What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess for the night? This beautiful blue costume with sequins will make your child shine and smile as she is the belle of the night. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Wedding Dress

Every child’s innocent dream is dressing up like Mom and Dad once did on the day of their wedding. This bride costume has a lacy flowing dress with a veil to match, pick up some flowers from your nearest florist and add a bouquet. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Make a splash at all your Halloween parties with this blue Dory costume. This comes with a tunic and headpiece to make your child feel like they could be in the movie. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love


Thinking of the toddler or baby in your life that would roar like a tiger? This costume is perfect for a onesie outfit with a cute hood and snaps for that fast diaper change. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Fire Fighter

What would Halloween night be without that Firefighter costume coming to the rescue of all your neighbors? Your child will be admired in their jumpsuit overalls then adorned with the official looking hat. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love


Every party needs to have a Spiderman to be ready to spring into action at any given moment. Your child will love this costume with the one piece suit with muscles intact and a mesh pullover face mask. Every parent could add some Halloween spider webs for their child to feel realistic. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Paw Patrol

Toddlers are in tune with the Paw Patrol and will connect to this character every time. This realistic costume has a jumpsuit, headpiece, and backpack. Te realistic Paw symbol will make them feel like they are a part of the pack. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Fairytale Witch

A Halloween classic, this Fairytale Witch costume will make your toddler cackle with delight. It comes with a beautiful dress with a full skirt, a realistic hat to match and cute apron to match with a little cat peeking out of the pocket. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Super Hero

Most children dream of being a Superhero but maybe your child does not like wearing an elaborate costume. This Super Hero cape and mask comes in many different colors and cape designs that your child will be able to help choose what they are comfortable wearing.Parents feel free to add matching tights and accessories. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love


Comfy and warm are the keywords in these Penguin Pajamas. This is a loose fighting onesie with a hoodie that has a face and beak. Realistic enough and fits over your child’s clothes for a cold Halloween night. Easily reused for sleeping at night. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Wonder Woman

Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will LoveI had to include Wonder Woman in this Halloween lineup with the movie being such a huge hit.
This costume has a dress with a tutu skirt, eye mask, belt, and gauntlets. If it is a cold evening legging could be easily added. If you are feeling creative add red boots or shoes. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love


If your child loves to play Doctor/Surgeon this costume will equip your child with it all. The costume has a comfy shirt with pants to match, a mask and includes doctor equipment. This costume allows your child to be a hit on Halloween night and then continue to use their imagination at home. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love


This is for all those children that may know who Captain Hook is in their favorite movie.the costume comes with pants, a belt, shirt and pirates bandana. Teach them how to say, “Ahoy, Matey”, and send them out to Trick or Treat. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love


Do you need a simple costume to go over warm clothes? The Pig fits this perfectly with a pig ear headband, a pig snout with elastic to fit comfortably and a velcro pigtail to attach to a belt. Trick or Treat with your child dressed as The Farmer and the Dell and you will be a hit for the night. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Jedi Knight

Use this updated Jedi Knight costume to teach your little ones the classics. Star Wars is a great way to bond over a story that spans multiple generations. Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

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