Hey there…mom here! Ever since Reese started blogging our inbox has been full of questions. I figured I would take a moment to answer our most commonly asked questions. So here we go…

Q. How Old Is Reese?

A. Reese is 8. Her birthday is in March

Q. Where Does Reese Live?

A. For safety reasons, we don’t get specific but we can say Reese lives in Southern California (Los Angeles)

Q. Does Reese Bake All Of Her Own Recipies?

A. Yes…and No. Every recipe you see on ReeseAlvarado.com has been made buy Reese BUT, all of the photos you see have been photographed by either me or a food photographer. Reese is a great baker but when it comes to food photography, pictures that are as close to perfect as possible do best for ranking. If you want to see Reese’s baking from start to finish, check out her youtube channel. Every recipe there has been made 100% by Reese.

Q. Who Comes Up With Her Recipies

A. Surprisingly enough, Reese comes up with a lot of the ideas for the recipes you see on her website. She gets inspiration from family recipes, Pinterest and everyday food items that she likes turning into desserts.

Q. How Did Reese Start Baking

A. Reese started baking when she was about 3. We used baking as our special time together. After a while she just got really good…better than me at somethings lol.

Q. Does Reese Really Own A Bakery?

A. Yes….and No! Since Reese is a minor legally everything has to be in my name (business licenses, health permit, kitchen lease etc.) Reese, however, is VERY involved in the business process. She comes up with all of the ideas for the baking kits, picks colors for packaging and shes does help with most of the baking. I handle all pricing, marketing and making sure she does not burn down the kitchen lol! As far as a physical bakery, Reese does all of her baking out of a professional kitchen however it is not a storefront.  Her baked goods and kits, however, are sold at the market onsite but most of her orders are done online.

Q. How Did Reese Become A Blogger?

A. I’m a blogger (WorldInFourDays.com) and Reese travels with me on most of my trips. She saw me blogging about our trips and asked if she could start a blog too…the rest is history.

Q. Does Reese Really Write Her Own Blog Posts?

A. No, but she does help out a lot. How the process works is I will ask Reese a list of questions that give me an idea of what she wants to say. I then create the post and weave in the answers to her questions. Once it’s done, I’ll let her read it and if she wants to make changes (which she normally does) then well do it Every now and then Reese will dictate an entire post to me and then I’ll go back and make edits.